Container transport

Container transport


Container transport and warehousing services provider needed a growth strategy after receiving a new investment of approximately half a billion reals. The shareholders did not only want to increase the container volume, but also evaluate other segments for potential investments, also reviewing the group’s business portfolio.


A strategic plan has been developed, evaluating several key container using segments, through the analysis of macro and micro regions focused on production and exporting of containerizable cargo; the plan also pointed out the internal operational bottlenecks that should unlock growth, as well as commercial actions that should be prioritized. In parallel, potential ancillary segments, identified in a two day workshop with ample participation of the client (approx. 50 people), were evaluated and prioritized in relation to the core business. Additionally other portfolio businesses were evaluated to identify the needed capital necessary for their development.



The plan showed a potential growth of the core business of 30% per year, being discussed and approved by the client’s management and board. Furthermore, it has been decided that some other businesses of the portfolio should be discontinued opportunely and those in consideration for inclusion should wait for the core size and growth stabilization. The plan implementation is ongoing, with very successful results (35% growth in the first 12 months)